13 and 14 October 2023

The research team of the RINSE Project EU participated in the IV annual @ICON•S Italy conference, dedicated to the theme “POLITICS AND INSTITUTIONS: BETWEEN TRANSFORMATIONS AND REFORMS” which was held at Bocconi University of Milan.

Crim’ Halt partners presented the results of the RINSE research and the University Vanvitelli partners explored the concept of criminal law from various exegetical perspectives, including those of the EU Regulation (EU) 2018/1805, the CJEU, the ECHR, and the Italian Constitutional Court.

Meetings organized by the scientific committee of RINSE of the University Vanvitelli

25 - 26 May 2023

The meetings are organized by the scientific committee of RINSE of the University Vanvitelli, which includes Andreana Esposito, Alberto de Chiara, Antonio Pagliano, Michele Mosca, Federica De Simona, Caterina Scialla, Giovanni Sodano, Giacinto Cirioli, and Francesca Mele

On May 26th, University Vanvitelli held the third focus group meeting on the “Mutual Recognition of Freezing and Confiscation Orders: Challenges in Practice”. With an introduction by Antonio Pagliano, the meeting featured discussions by Amedeo Barletta, lawyer from the UCPI European Observatory; Guido Colaiacovo, a professor of criminal procedural law at the University of Foggia; Maria Vittoria De Simone, from the National Directorate for Anti-Mafia and Counterterrorism; and Ciro Grandi, a professor of criminal law at the University of Ferrara.

University Vanvitelli presented the European project RINSE. After the opening remarks by Prof. Raffaele Picaro, Director of the Department of Law, Professor Andreana Esposito and Professor Alberto De Chiara, respectively project leader and scientific coordinator of Unicampania, introduced the proceedings. The project was presented to national and local authorities, including Bruno Corda, the director of the National Agency for the Administration of Seized and Confiscated Assets from Organized Crime; Claudio Palomba, Prefect of Naples; Luigi Riello, Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal of Naples; Giuseppe Castaldo, Prefect of Caserta; Michele Pizzo, full Professor of Business Economics and President of the Italian Academy of Business Economics. The meeting was moderated by Antonio Pagliano from GRALE.

May 25th, University Vanvitelli held a focus group meeting on “Asset confiscation and seizures within the Italian legal system, focusing on procedural and substantive aspects”. The meeting was introduced by Professor Andreana Esposito, the project leader of RINSE, and coordinated by Prof. Antonio Pagliano from GRALE. We had the privilege of hosting several distinguished guests for the discussion, including Giuseppe Amarelli, full professor of criminal law at the University Federico II in Naples; Donatella Curtotti, full professor from the University of Foggia; Federico Consulich full professor of criminal law from the University of Turin; Giuseppe Furciniti, a Colonel from the Guardia di Finanza and Raffaello Magi, magistrate from the Court of Cassation


19 APRIL 2023
Conducted in hybrid method

Department of Law

Palazzo Melzi, Aula Consiglio – Via Mazzocchi, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy


  • FOCUS on Financial and project management, conducted by UNIVAN
  • FOCUS on WP2 – Research progress
    and deliverables’ deadline, conducted
    by UNIVAN and GRALE
  • FOCUS on WP3, Presentation,
    conducted by IGO-IFJ
  • FOCUS on WP4 – Dissemination plan
    and Logo, conducted by EPLO

The First Focus Group

19 April 2023

The First Focus Group in the context of Preliminary analysis and Best Practices Identification was held on 19.04.2023 in the framework of the European project #RINSE – Research and INformation Sharing on freezing and confiscation orders in European Union. The project is aimed at analyzing European legislation with reference to the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders in the European Union, starting with Regulation 2018/1805 and Directive 2014/42, and the related implications as well as critical issues in application practice. The ultimate goal of the project is to train judicial personnel and civil society on the multi-step process of seizure and confiscation and the subsequent reconversion of the property for institutional and social purposes.

Many crucial points of anti-mafia legislation were discussed and will be explored in depth during the RINSE project coordinated by the University Vanvitelli in partnership with several European entities. All participants were very pleased to participate and to contribute together with distinguished colleagues and practitioners of the Justice sector.

Kick-off Meeting

03 February 2023
Conducted in online method

The Kick off meeting of the project RINSE “[Research and Information Sharing on freezing and confiscation orders in European Union]” funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers was successfully held via zoom platform on the 3rd of February 2023.


The RINSE project aims to foster the mutual recognition of the decisions of EU member states regarding the seizure and confiscation of assets by enhancing knowledge, competences and skills of judiciary professionals and other key players involved in the Multi – Phase Asset Recovery process.


The project’s objective is to increase the awareness and understanding with regard to the national implementation of EU Regulation 2018/1805 and EU Directive 2014/42 in the participating 4 member states, to conduct a Comparative analysis to identify training needs, deficiencies and best practices on the national framework, to develop an effective Training plan and delivery targeting judicial and non-judicial professionals and to create a broad community of practice at EU level in this field.

Throughout the duration of the project a targeted networking and dissemination campaign, coordinated by the EPLO, will take place in order to promote the progress, the results of the project and the usability of its outputs aiming to ensure the knowledge exchange and best practices sharing at national and EU level.

RINSE is a project co-funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union, GA no. 101046613. The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of the project’s implementing team and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.